Celebrating research and design excellence for SOM Chicago

365: Year In Review
Publication Design
Chicago, Illinois
In collaboration with SOM

Tom Harris © Hedrich Blessing

Senior leadership in the Chicago office felt there was a need for camaraderie and celebration of firm accomplishments, especially those projects and initiatives that are overlooked by the press. In collaboration with the marketing and public relations managers and city design strategist, content was organized into three sections: built and unbuilt work (representing all disciplines); individual achievements, community involvement, firm awards; and collaborations and research initiatives. Volume 1 (2011) received unanimous, positive feedback firm-wide. Volume 2 followed in 2012.

Role: Senior Designer

Worked with studio lead to develop a visual strategy.
Generated, organized and edited content in collaboration with marketing and content strategy.
Designed a flexible grid system, visual guidelines, and typographic styles.
Collaborated with studios throughout the office to gather content.
Produced final files for production and coordinated offset printing and binding.