Illustrating values and history with type

Arts Club Interior Type Treatment
Interior Graphics
Chicago, Illinois
In collaboration with SOM

Tom Harris © Hedrich Blessing

SOM’s interior design studio redesigned select interior spaces throughout a Private Arts Club, located on the 22nd floor next door to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Michigan Avenue and across the street from the School of the Art Institute and Millennium Park. The Club functions as a non-profit organization for men and women engaged in, and who support, the fine arts and performing arts. The Club’s mission statement was paired with an ornament pattern, designed to envelop the formal dining room space. Typeface, color, and ornament pattern was inspired by a painting that welcomes visitors upon exiting the elevators and entering the club's space on the 22nd floor.

Role: Senior designer
Typeset mission statement within the 18 x 57-foot dining room space
Produced artwork at full scale for installation