Unifying a master plan for new renewable energy city in Riyadh

KA-CARE International Design Competition
System Design, Information Design, Publication Design

Tom Harris © Hedrich Blessing

SOM’s conceptual master plan for a new renewable energy city outside Riyadh called for a vibrant and unified visual identity. Graphic silhouettes of Riyadh's natural landscape and terrain were infused with a color palette that evoked the desert, energy and a bright future. The silhouettes were one element in a cohesive visual system that communicated the master planning vision. Guidelines were developed and distributed to the international design team, including color palette, grid, print and digital publication templates, and style sheets for both English and Arabic text.

SOM was one of twelve teams in the international design competition and presented their conceptual masterplans, models and ideas in an exhibition space in Riyadh. SOM was one of three teams to chosen to move on to the next stage in the competition.

300-page A3 master planning book
Multimedia slides;
9-volume, perfect-bound A4 book set with Arabic/ English executive summary

Role: Senior designer
Coordinated work flow of documents between an international design team of architects and consultants for all deliverables for Stages 1 and 2;
Developed visual guidelines and a universal template for print and electronic deliverables to ensure a consistent voice;
Designed interior spreads in English and Arabic
Researched constraints and specification of the exhibition to ensure seamless production and presentation of deliverables