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Feature in Designlife at North Carolina State University: "The Importance of Design."

"With nearly 10 years of professional experience from creating identity systems, exhibition design, and user-centered research, Allison McCulloh Karas understands how to approach a design problem..."

Design Education / March 2016

Data environments: Visualizing data as representation, lens, and space

Data. Is. Everywhere. It influences our relationships, the information we consume, the decisions we make at work and play. By "telling lies" with data, we prove just how important it is for designers to maintain integrity when visualizing data. This investigation explores how data can be manipulated through different visualization and interaction strategies, such as color, space, and chart type. See more.

Investigations / February 2015

Interaction design: Generating support in a low-trust scenario

This investigation started with a basic question: how can design mediate relationships among people in a shared task? The shared task in this investigation is supporting college students after the termination of a romantic relationship. Early research into the context of concerning student behaviors in University settings, we discovered that break-ups were often the source of mental and physical health issues. University counselors, students, housing directors, faculty, and behavioral case managers were all interviewed to gain insight into the network. 

Investigations / November 2014